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Rep. Buckner brought an ambitious agenda to the 2016, 2017, and 2018 legislative sessions. In 2016 she introduced legislation to require companies that contract with the state of Colorado to have an equal-pay-for-equal-work policy. She also sponsored legislation to revive the state’s parental leave law, requiring large companies to provide their workers with up to 18 hours of unpaid time off per year for parent-teacher conferences or meetings related to interventions, dropout prevention, attendance, truancy or special education services. Both bills passed the House but were unfortunately defeated by Senate Republicans.

After being reelected in 2016, Rep. Buckner in the 2017 and 2018 sessions focused on many consequential pieces of legislation. She renewed Colorado’s organ donor sign up program at DMV, license, and ID offices. In addition, Rep Buckner passed legislation to increase funding for school safety, teacher pay, and teacher retention. She has tackled Colorado’s nursing shortage and accessibility to higher education by passing a monumental bipartisan bill that allows Community Colleges to offer Bachelors of Science Completion degrees in nursing. These are but a few of consequential bills that Janet has passed.

For a complete listing of her legislative accomplishments please visit: http://leg.colorado.gov/legislators/janet-p-buckner